schuett count
Manual colony counter

l  three modes of illumination: from below, from the side and from the top (optional)
l  Petri dishes or nutrient disks with Ø 90 mm, Ø 60 mm or Ø 150 mm (optional)
l  high transparency of colonies reached by LED-light source - practically no heat
     transferred to the sample
l  light intensity, pressure sensitivity for count and acoustical counting signal adjustable
l  average determination
l  data transfer via USB

Designed for reliable and efficient counting of bacterial colonies and bacteriophage plaques growing on nutrient agar or nutrient disks/filter disks in Petri dishes.

For Petri dishes up to Ø 150 mm.

Easy adjustable illumination intensity. Three modes of illumination – sideways from below, sideways from above and top-light (optional).

State-of-the-art LED-light allows for glarefree illumination without blinding or straylight. No eyestrain. A sofar unknown transparency and differentiation is obtained. Contrast-disk for counting colonies in light and dark fields for the use with clear or dark agar. Adjustable pressure-sensitivity for counting. Designed for ergonomic and relaxed working.

Accurate color re-production makes it easier to distinguish between differently coloured cultures on selective culture media and nutrient disks in food analysis. With process water and waste water, the high contrast illumination simplifies the task of distinguishing between colonies that develop within the agar and colonies that grow on the agar surface.

The counting impulse is realized by marking the colonies with an ordinary felt-tip marker pen. An acoustical signal confirms each sound its sound level is individually adjustable.

The attachment is equipped with a pen holder.

With a 4-digit LED-display (0-9999) and a clearly arranged keypad for all controls.


Technical Data

Dimensions (w x h x d):

260 x 130 x 250 mm

Height with gooseneck
magnifying glass/lamp:

approx. 300 mm


1.5 kg


100-240 V / 50-60 Hz

Power adapter:

5 V DC, 2100 mA, 7,5 W

Ordering Information



schuett count colony counter, 100-240 V
incl. felt-tip marker-pen with holder, adapter (transparent) for illumination from below for 90 mm Petri dishes, adapter (black/white) for illumination from the side for 90 mm Petri dishes, contrast-disk (black), USB-cable and 2 cover plugs

3.081 502

Magnifying glass 3-fold
with 3-fold magnification of the whole petri- dish, incl. gooseneck magnifying glass, individually adjustable, Ø 100 mm

3.081 602

Magnifying glass 6-8-fold
with 6-8-fold magnification, incl. gooseneck magnifying glass, individually adjustable, Ø 60 mm

3.081 612

LED top light lamp
for optimal illumination of cultures, incl. gooseneck magnifying glass
3.081 702
Adapter for Petri dishes
with Ø 50-60 mm
for central positioning
3.081 802
Adapter for Petri dishes
with Ø 140-150 mm
for central positioning
3.081 812
black/white for counting with Spiral-Plater-Method
3.081 902
Wolffhügel-disk, black/white
for sectoral counting of the Petri dish
3.081 912
Counting needle
for counting by tap of the colony
3.081 922
Felt-tip marker pen (water-resistant)
3.081 932

schuett count

Adapter for Petri dishes with Ø 140-150 mm

Adapter for Petri dishes with Ø 50-60 mm

Spiral-Plater-disk und Wolffhügel-disk

Felt-tip marker pen and Counting needle