schuett easyloop
Semi-automated flame sterilization carousel

l time-saving
l easy-to-use
l increases the life of inoculating loops significantly
l for up to 6 inoculating loops holders simultaneously

Our semi-automated flame sterilization carousel is suitable for precise and time-controlled flaming of 6 inoculating loop-holders and inoculating loops.
The inoculating loop is placed into the carousel after use and is sterilized immediately
after turning the holder in flaming position, so that a sterile cooled inoculating loop is
available at any time.

The flame sterilization carousel is operated in combination with our schuett phoenix II Safety Bunsen Burner. The sterilization time is precisely and infinitely adjustable
(1 s to 120 min). The rotation is effected manually, while the flaming process is fully
automated and only starts after the used inoculating loop has been turned to flaming
position. This saves time and gas consumption is minimized.

Thanks to the precise time control, the life of the inoculating loops is significantly increased. The almost vertical flaming position of the inoculating loop facing the bottom, avoids running of contaminated liquid towards the inoculating loop shaft and inoculating loop holder. Due to this optimum position, the holders are flame-sterilized in a way that prevents contamination even when inoculating from long tubes.

The carousel has been designed for continuous work-flow with sample series.


Technical Details

Dimensions (WxHxD):         150x310x190 mm
Weight:                              approx. 900 g


Ordering Information


schuett easyloop
Semi-automated flame sterilization carousel, 230 V

3.353 202

schuett easyloop
with schuett phoenix II Safety Bunsen Burner and C206-Adapter